The Irish Water Spaniel is a breed of dog that is the largest and one of the oldest of spaniels. The Irish Water Spaniel is considered one of the rarer breeds with the AKC in terms of registrations but is still widely respected and sought-after for its unusual qualities.

  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Life span: 10 to 12 years
  • Color: Liver
  • Temperament: Clownish, Active, Intelligent, Alert, Quick, Inquisitive
  • Height: Male: 22–24 inches (56–61 cm), Female: 21–23 inches (53–58 cm)
  • Weight: Male: 54.9–65 lbs (24.9–29.5 kg), Female: 45–58 lbs (20.4–26.3 kg)li>