The Ibizan Hound, pronounced "I-bee-zan" or "I-beeth-an", is a lean, agile dog of the hound family. There are two hair types of the breed: smooth and wire. The more commonly seen type is the smooth.

  • Life span: 10 to 12 years
  • Origin: Spain
  • Temperament: Clownish, Active, Stubborn, Intelligent, Independent, Engaging
  • Colors: Fawn, Red, White, Red & White
  • Height: Female: 24–26 inches (60–67 cm), Male: 26–28 inches (66–72 cm)
  • Weight: Female: 45–65 lbs (20.4–29.5 kg), Male: 45–65 lbs (20.4–29.5 kg)