The Malinois or Belgian Shepherd Dog is a breed of dog, sometimes classified as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dog classification, rather than as a separate breed. The Malinois is recognized in the United States under the name Belgian Malinois. Its name is the French word for Mechlinian, which is in Dutch either Mechelse herdershond (shepherd dog from Mechelen) or Mechelaar (one from Mechelen). These dogs are popular for K9 use in all forms of services. Examples include detection of odors such as explosives, accelerants (for arson investigation), and narcotics; tracking of humans for suspect apprehension in police work; and search and rescue.

  • Life span: 10 to 14 years
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Temperament: Active, Stubborn, Alert, Confident, Protective, Watchful
  • Weight: Male: 55.1–66.1 lbs (25–30 kg), Female: 44.1–55.1 lbs (20–25 kg)
  • Colors: Black-masked fawn, Black-tipped Fawn
  • Height: Male: 24–26 inches (60–66 cm), Female: 22–24 inches (56–62 cm)